The original brand and unique casual apparel for outdoors people. Keeping you comfortable on and off the field with technical and casual apparel. We are Never Est. 



Supplying the gear to get you to your destination and back again in comfort and style, helping you overcome the elements, and keeping you on the mission longer. 



 10 Years in the clothing industry and development  has bought you the revolution in water proofing treatment. The original Aqua Shield. No Odor. No UV. No Chemicals. 


One of the first Australian labels devoted to making streetwear, casual and technical apparel for outdoors people… 

Just becasue you hunt, fish, hike and camp, that dosn’t mean you can’t wear comfortable clothing, that is affordable, fashionable and most of all represents who you are.

We have innovative casual and techinical apparel made with feedback from the people who use them. We are all about style and function; & we supply what you need to keep you looking and feeling good on and off the field. 

Our professional team specialise in clothing and are ready to help you out.  Follow the shop button below to go to the “Elite Outdoor Apparel” Online Store.

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Supporting young people, clubs and organisations are just some of the ways we give back to the community.

One of our main motivations is to help promote a positive image for outdoor activities.
There is no better way to do this than with ambasadors who live and breate the sports they love.  Follow us and stay up to date with thier adventures featured on our social media pages!

Meet the Team at
“Elite Outdoor Apparel”


Founder & Designer
Firearm Dealer/ Tester
Organiser of stuff…
Born in Melbourne with a life long hunting and fishing background, Kosta has 10 years experience in the design and textiles industry and is the head designer and printer. 

With a passion for firearms he is a registered dealer, restores and repairs guns, and is the video reviewer for the brand. 


CEO & Founder
Accounts/ GM
Breaker of clays…

Originally from Canberra and now in the Yarra Valley, Kate grew up fishing with her family on the NSW South Coast.

With a lifelong passion for animals, she has spent most of her working career as a Veterinary Nurse. After a move to country Victoria, it’s rare to find her without a camera in hand.


Casual Apparel 
New Apparel Development
Eater of food…

With a family background of hunting and fishing the Islands of Maritus, Reuben loves the outdoors and is an excellent fisherman and accurate shooter.

Invaluable input in the design and conception of the label, he continues to help make the brand grow.


Hunting Apparel
Purchasing/ Testing
User of ammo…

Sean grew up bare foot and long haired in the woods of Cairns.  Fishing and hunting is a way of life for him, and after moving to Melbourne has embraced new styles of outdoor adventures. 

Highly skilled and understanding the importance of quality, he is our product developer and tester.

Our Awesome Brand Representatives!

Meet the “Team Elite” members.
Our amazing team and sponsored people are what makes us.
These employees, ambasadors , family members and representatives who live and breathe the outdoors are one the main driving forces behind the success of the brand. 

James. M

Youth Sponsorship & 
Brand Ambassador
Fishing  Expert

James AKA Fishing Victoria, grew up in Melbourne and started fishing with his Dad at a young age. He is a very keen and inspiring fisherman who has started to chase species all around Australia after having caught most Victorian species.

He enjoys a variety of other water sports such as kayaking, surfing, free diving and spear fishing. When he isn’t on, in or near the water he loves to go camping and hunting, and has a true appreciation for animals and the country.

Marc. S

Sponsored Ambassador
Fishing & Outdoors

Marc 27 grew up in country Victoria where he lived for most of his life, fishing the local waterways for native species.

Moving to South Australia and currently living on the south coast his opportunities of fishing adventures opened up.

With his wife and two children they are always utilizing the beach at every chance they get, his love for fishing is most definitely being passed onto his children along with teaching them to respect our waterways and the great land we have.


Youth Sponsored
Fishing – Barra Enthusiast

Shane grew up in Biloela, in country Queensland and has lived there all his life.

He  started fishing at a young age and now frequents the local waterways with is mates reeling in some huge Barra catches.

His passion is fishing and camping but he loves anything outdoors. 

Flynn. O

Youth Sponsored
Fishing – Barra Enthusiast

Flynn 15 was born in Biloela, a little town in country Queensland and has lived there all his life. 

He loves putting in the hours on the water which pays off with some huge Barra catches.

Even at his young age he already has a passion for the outdoors and wants to protect his local environment and waterways.

What Our Customers Say about us…

Our clients are the most important thing to us, and our main aim is for every customer to be happy with every item that is purchased. 
Thats our guarantee.

These guys just got it right !!
Comfortable, high quality, fast delivery and MOST IMPORTANT correct sizing.
Thankyou guys been looking for XXLRG gear for the hubby and always get sizes that just dont cut it.
The best gear and fits like a glove.
Recommend this company to all the heard core outdoor types they have what you need!

Seli. S
Google Review

Their products are of an extremely high quality and are delivered in great time.

Tony. M
FaceBook Review

Great hoodies!
good quality materials and so warm!
Love the design, outdoor related but subtle.
Highly recommend!

Neil. W
Facebook Review

Very high quality clothing with great designs. I have a couple of hoodies and jackets which have lasted very well over Winter being used in the bush while hunting as well as casually. Good to see a local Melbourne business doing such a great job. This brand is one to get onto!

Jay. O
Facebook review

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